February 12, 2016


 English to Kurdish Arabic translator

kurdish arabic english translation

There are many definitions for translation. We’ve chosen this simple one from The Oxford Companion to the English Language for you “Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text”.

When you have a text at hand in a language foreign to you, and you want to understand it, that’s when we can help. You send the text to us, and one of our qualified translators will translate it and check it. Then another qualified translator/proofreader will check it again to make sure it’s clear and meets our high standards.

After that your finished product will be a text in a language you understand.

We help you with various translations of English, Kurdish and Arabic texts. We also provide legally certified translations when you need your document(s) stamped by a certified sworn translator and/or by the notary public office.

Send us an email at info@translatekurdish.com or click here to contact us.

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